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    Welcome to our website, we hope you find it informative and satisfying.
    We strive to bring you satisfaction on your asset. We want you to enjoy your vehicle, the way you wanted it, either by rebuilding, restoring or even customising your ride, we focus on classics, exotics and muscle cars, and we do it all from bumper to bumper, and we ensure best quality products and workmanship.

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    AR Customs was founded by Aris Ruyter in 2010, born with with love and passion for cars, working out of his garage to build perfection.

    I grew up helping my dad rebuild and restore classics, at the age of 13, started restoring a 1954 ford custom, flathead v8, amazed and hooked on cars, vowed I would fulfil my desire, to create the ultimate car.We are situated in Pretoria East with a great crew that operates nation wide, catering for classics to exotics, and always willing to offer and gain experience.




    Plans for our new workshop, in Tiegerpoort, are underway.


    Raucous, going for paint, 1 long year, of hard work almost done.


    383 Stroker, Muncie SM465, Willy's CJ5 Project starts, mini big foot on its way.

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    Here we don't offer mickey mouse work, when we overhaul we do it all from the smallest bearings to the largest blocks, we rebuild your car from the chassis up, to run and drive like a new car, but keeping the aesthetics and feel old school, basically original body and interior, but new guts and control systems. This is a large and time consuming service, but we pride ourselves in our excellence and perfection, to guarantee your satisfaction, contact us for a consultation or quote.


    Our latest service, were we can do anything to make your car stand out from the pack, halo headlights to custom trunk liners, you ask for it and we will get it done, the possibilities are endless, we always have some great ideas, and we are always open to new challenges. As this is a new service, it will take some time to design and get everything to work perfectly, not destroying the look of your car, like those Christmas tree golfs, please contact us for a consultation or advice.

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    Aris Ruyter Customs.

    568 Portia Street,
    Garsfontein, PTA
    South Africa, 0060.

    Telephone:+27 (0)83 652 6774
    Fax:+27 (0)12 993 0025
    E-mail: info@arcustoms.co.za

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